Advertising, in all its forms, must capture the attention of the target audience and compel action. At Wallwork Curry McKenna, original artwork, powerful photography and insightful copy are always based on a sound strategic platform and clearly defined business goals. WCM delivers distinctive advertising creative covering the gamut of platforms including TV, radio, web/interactive, video, direct response, print, outdoor and sponsorships. Our work runs locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and on the leading social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. We "culture check" rather than just translate work when targeting specific communities in the US and abroad. We are the only Boston-based agency specializing in working with international clients looking to enter the US market. We can also help US-based companies create opportunities around the world through our network of independent agencies in Europe, Asia and South America. Areas of specialty include consumer products, luxury goods, health care and medical technology, public utilities, higher education, financial services, travel and tourism and emerging technology.